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Q. Based on Genesis 16:6 are we to blame Sarah for Hagar’s running away?Bob Deffinbaugh07/29/2022
9. Joshua’s Last Words: The Challenge of Faith (Josh. 23:1-24:28)Roger Pascoe06/21/2022
Q. Does Psalm 50 allow for the “paying of a vow” to get a healing?Bob Deffinbaugh10/31/2021
Unbreakable Faith (PowerPoint Teaching Series Course)Craig Biehl09/01/2021
9. Recognizing God’s Providence: Fellowship Restored (Gen. 45:1-28)Roger Pascoe03/12/2021
5. Abraham’s Epitaph (Genesis 25:1-11)Roger Pascoe01/06/2021
Q. How Can an Omnipresent God Be in Hell if that is Eternal Separation from God?Bob Deffinbaugh10/05/2020
6. How God Changes Hearts (Genesis 43-44)Gregory Brown08/20/2020
The Bible Teacher’s Guide, Joseph: Trusting In God’s Sovereignty And GoodnessGregory Brown08/20/2020
Q. Was God Cruel To The Egyptians At The Exodus?Bob Deffinbaugh04/11/2020
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Does God have a sense of humor?