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Lesson 2: The Cosmic God of Little Things (Luke 1:5-25)

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The reporters in the world are continually evaluating what is most important or at least most newsworthy. However, in all likelihood the top stories that would, in any given period, make their way to the most-searched topics on the internet or end up highlighted on the evening news are not the things that are most significant in the life of the individual. The question then becomes, “What things are important to God, and do the quiet happenings in my life register on His radar screen?” We see in this message the teaching of Scripture that every detail of our lives has significance and all is working out, under His sovereign direction, to bring glory to His name and blessing to each of His people. This is what we take away in looking at a married couple in Luke 1, a couple who would have been as easily forgotten in the history of the world as any other. Observing Zechariah and Elizabeth’s account, we draw several principles and their according applications. 1.) Personal righteousness does not mean prominence or ease of life. Be righteous. 2.) The God who directs the affairs of the universe cares about small problems. Live like it. 3.) Even godly people sometimes allow their individual experiences to overwhelm God’s revelation. Don’t. 4.) God looks upon the lowly and cares for them. Have faith in Him.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

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