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1 - Why does exist?

We are a nondenominational Bible based site that exists to freely share the good news from God to the entire world so you can KNOW the Truth about life and eternity. This Truth comes from Knowing GOD and having a relationship with Jesus Christ as it says in John 14:6-7 Jesus replied, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you have known me, you will know my Father too. And from now on you do know him and have seen him.”

To help you search and find these truths, we provide free access on the Internet to over 20,000 articles which represent the finest, most trustworthy biblical truths and materials from Pastors and Scholars around the world. 

We also desire to come along side the Church and help it fulfill the Great Commission commandment from Christ which is recorded in Matt 28:19-20. (editors note mouse over the Matt_28 words to the left and the verse reference will popup

In addition we provide for free, the best Bible Study Tool on the web  "". This free tool has the NET Bible (2nd edition) with its 58,000+ notes, Greek, Hebrew, texts linked to Strongs numbers, and it allows you to search all the translations of the Bible to find your favorite verses. 

2 - Why are you focusing on an Internet ministry?

We think that the presence of the Internet is as significant as the invention of the printing press. Why? The Internet can distribute material globally at a faster pace and much lower cost. The Internet allows authors for the first time in history the ability to give everyone on earth free access to the finest, most trustworthy biblical truths and materials.

With this distribution of God’s truths, we can literally reach everyone on earth and complete the Great Commission in one generation.  Christians around the world can make their life count for eternity as they become equipped for global impact by discipling others. 

3 - Our Team

The Team is comprised of gifted Evangelical Christians. 

4 - What do you believe?

5 - What does do?

We recruit authors and provide them with a multilingual Internet pulpit to reach the 3.8 billion+ users on the Internet and share God’s truths about what “Matters in Life”.

  • We develop Bible study tools and provide resources so Christians in every culture can be equipped for global impact
  • We lay a solid biblical foundation for the next generation (children’s ministry) so they can impact the globe for Christ
  • We are currently working on a set of DiscipleMaking tools for the global Church (If you are interested in helping us contact us click knowingGod discipleship)
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