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Inappropriate Ads

You may have just seen an inappropriate ad on our site. We are truly sorry if it offended you.

You may also be wondering why we even have these kinds of ads on our site. Running one of the largest Bible Study websites on the internet takes a lot of technology and a lot of skill. We do have some wonderful people who volunteer their time to help us, but in order to provide some of the advancement in technology that you have come to know from, we need to hire some skills to keep on providing that and to keep us on the web.

We tried to support our ministry through Bible sales and donations but current revenue is not enough to maintain the support needed to keep things running. We had to turn to Ads on our site to help offset the cost of development. Some advertisers, however, are not always honest with the classification they selected for their ads and so sometimes it ends up on our site.  We did the normal thing by removing any dating, gambling or any other "scammy" looking categories that we felt were just not appropriate for our ministry.

With millions of ad impressions served up monthly, we can not monitor all of them, so we appreciate your help when you see an inappropriate ad by reporting it to us.


  • Note the advertisers name
  • Right click on the ad and choose "copy link address"
  • Include the above information in the email you send by clicking here

Thank you for your help in this matter.

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