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New Testament Textual CriticismJames M. Arlandson08/31/2015
Abbreviations and Introduction to Principal Manuscript Evidence for the Greek New Testament (As found in the NET Bible footnotes) 02/03/2015
Part VI: TEXTUAL CRITICISM — Chapter Eight: Constructive CriticismBill McRae11/10/2014
Appendix 5: Textual CriticismBob Utley05/24/2011
Second Century PapyriDaniel B. Wallace09/25/2009
Paul and the Mystery ReligionsDon Closson09/20/2009
The Historical MetzgerDaniel B. Wallace08/04/2009
Update on Preserving the Word of God: The Hazards of Shooting an Oversized MajusculeDaniel B. Wallace07/20/2009
The Number of Textual Variants: An Evangelical MiscalculationDaniel B. Wallace04/13/2009
Did the Original New Testament Manuscripts still exist in the Second Century?Daniel B. Wallace02/02/2009
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Question & Answers:

In what language did the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus happen?
Could the "Q" manuscript that Gospel writers used have a different theology than the Gospels themselves?
Is vs.9-20 of Mark 16 the word of God or not? Wayne Grudem says if we are not sure about the content of scripture WE CANNOT BE CONFIDENT of the reformed view of sola scriptura.
Do you think it still OK to read the KJV along with your NET Bible?
The majority text advocates claim that the critical text never did circulate out of Egypt, and as a result never spread through the Roman Empire, where the first century congregations of the church were located. Is this true?
I have read in several places that there are thousands of differences between the Vatican and Sinaitic manuscripts. I understand that this is one of the strongest arguments that the majority text advocates have against the critical text.
What does the word ‘exegetical’ mean?
What is the International Greek New Testament Project?
How and when was the Bible divided into chapters and verses?
Was any part of the NT found among the Dead Sea scrolls?
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