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Content On: Hamartiology (Sin)


Q. Do Those Who Commit Suicide Go To Hell?Bob Deffinbaugh12/22/2022
Q. Based on Genesis 16:6 are we to blame Sarah for Hagar’s running away?Bob Deffinbaugh07/29/2022
9. Consequences of SinGregory Brown12/09/2021
8. Temptations to SinGregory Brown12/09/2021
7. What Happens to Infants When They Die?Gregory Brown12/09/2021
6. The Remedy for SinGregory Brown12/09/2021
5. The Unpardonable Sin and The Sin Resulting in DeathGregory Brown12/09/2021
4. Degrees of SinGregory Brown12/09/2021
3. The Effects of SinGregory Brown12/09/2021
2. The Origin of SinGregory Brown12/09/2021
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Question & Answers:

Did god forgive Adam? Did Adam ever ask for forgiveness?
I'm a little confused about Hebrew 12:6. What does it mean when it says "the Lord will punish", yet also, "when you ask for forgiveness it is forgotten"?
Can Satan put thoughts in our minds that can be used to tempt us to sin?
How could a loving God tell the Israelites to kill their enemies, even children?
For what purpose did God create the world?
Is it true the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children?
Does “corporate sin” mean babies and small children don’t go to heaven if they die?
Did Eve commit the first sin?
Is man responsible for the sins of his wife because he is the leader of the home?
What is the unpardonable sin?
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