Which charities can apply?

Charities in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire are eligible to apply for support through the GiveBack scheme.

How are charities selected?

The charities will be chosen through agreement of the CIPR East Anglia Committee.

Eligibility criteria includes:
• Not for profit, community organisations based within the CIPR East Anglia region
• Locally constituted registered charities that demonstrate benefits to the community
• Charitable organisations that need professional support or help with PR or Marketing
• Charitable organisations that cannot afford to pay for professional PR services

How do I nominate a charity for next year?

To nominate a charity, simply send an email to the CIPR East Anglia Charity Co-ordinator telling us the name of the charity, a short summary of what the charity does and why you feel the charity would benefit from the support of CIPR East Anglia.

Send your submission to Sally Pattinson. The charities will be discussed and agreed by the CIPR East Anglia committee in the autumn.

How is the CIPR East Anglia GiveBack charity chosen?

The GiveBack charity will be chosen by the CIPR East Anglia committee. One charity will normally be supported.