*Mic drop*: Thoughts about my first podcast interview

Becky Hall 2019 CIPR EA Mic drop podcast blog public relations comms

Podcasting has become a huge mainstream phenomenon and it’s been great to see that there are lots of podcasts emerging about the world of communications. In the spirit of, as they say, “making a habit of trying new things”, I was excited to be involved in my first podcast a few weeks ago.

Sat with a bright red mug of tea and using a red microphone (relevant details as we were using a room in the Mobas office so, naturally, things were wonderfully on-brand), I chatted with Adam Tuckwell and Jon Wilcox of PRHub to talk all things comms.

We covered all sorts, from CIPR East Anglia and the concept of professionalism in communications, my day job at the University of Cambridge and a couple of issues that the comms industry is currently grappling with.

It was fun – I had some experience of having my voice recorded from student radio back in my uni days and, unlike watching myself on camera which I usually find moderately excruciating, I am slightly more comfortable with audio.

I’ve jotted down three reflections that may help in case you’ve got an audio interview opportunity on the horizon:

  • Prepare – I had a few stories and anecdotes in mind, which I could cherry pick during the interview, helping me feel and sound relaxed
  • Remember that no one can see you! – I’d forgotten how much I use visual cues when I communicate. Smiles, hand gestures and nodding count for very little on a podcast, so it pays to translate the liveliness into your voice
  • Keep it level – Try to keep your voice volume relatively constant – sudden guffaws of laughter are unhelpful for the producer…

I happened to be PRHub’s first guest as this was their debut episode – their second episode will be available soon. I’d recommend their podcast to anyone interested in stories that hit the news about reputation and the world of communications, media, PR and marketing.

Have you produced, or been invited to speak on, a podcast? If so, how did you find it? If not, what do you think of the current podcast trend? I would love to hear about any tips you’ve picked up or stories you have to share.

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