Why you should attend the region’s biggest PR Conference

If you’re a PR professional in East Anglia or nearby, then you may have heard of the Best PRactice Conference. After the success of last year, 2017 is a must for all to attend.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the feedback we had last year…

The breakout sessions at the CIPR East Anglia conference are a bit like speed dating – getting to know many great professionals very quickly and focusing on a topic they are hungry to learn more about – in a convivial, fun if brief period.  Each session left us all wanting to carry on longer with each other – which may be the ultimate sign of success.  A great formula if an intense one!” Sandra Macleod, Director of Reputation Dividend and CEO of Mindful Reputation

“The 2016 Best PRactice conference was the first one I attended (CIPR Member since 2010). I was drawn in by the breakout sessions as a way to focus on the areas that matter most to my work and development and, the chance to ‘exchange ideas with peers’. I took quite a few ‘take-aways’ with me and have already used them.” Karen Clarke, Communications Lead at VoiceAbility

This year…

Taking the feedback on board, a few improvements have been made for this year’s event.

2017 will see the conference introducing more interactive elements including a panel discussion allowing delegates the opportunity to challenge experienced PR and communication professionals.

The Breakout sessions proved very popular and following attendees’ suggestions, this year a couple of the sessions will take place in separate meeting rooms to make sure everyone can hear each other!

The Best PRactice Conference takes place in Cambridge on Tuesday 23rd May. It will start at 12:30pm with a buffet lunch, followed by a mix of interactive presentations, expert-led breakout sessions and networking drinks. Topics for this year range from Diversity in PR, Measurement & Evaluation and Employee Relations.

Come along to sharpen your skills, discuss fresh perspectives and benchmark your work against some of the very best. Make sure you don’t miss out and book your tickets here.


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