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Donating To Through Your Will

Many people don’t know it, but you can donate to a non-profit organization like by naming them as a beneficiary in your will. These bequests are often called planned or legacy gifts. And they’re a meaningful, effective way to create a legacy, both for yourself and for causes close to your heart.

What can you donate to in your will?

Many people choose to leave money to in their will, but you can give any of your assets to a nonprofit. This includes:

  • Financial assets, like cash, stocks, and bonds. (You could set a specific amount or a percentage of the estate)
  • Real estate (you could even donate your house to!)
  • Personal property, like your vehicle, jewelry, or artwork
  • You can also name as the beneficiary of a non-probate asset, like your life insurance policy, retirement account, or IRA

How do you donate to in your will?

1. Make sure you have the following information in your will:

  • Our Full name (Biblical Studies Foundation) (our 501C3/IRS non-profit legal name is Biblical Studies Foundation – not
  • Our Address (PO Box 831119, Richardson, TX 75083-1119)
  • Our Employer Identification Number (EIN). [ **-********(Contact us for the actual number)] This is a unique number issued by the IRS to a business entity. Including the EIN makes it clear exactly which charity you’re donating to. This is helpful in case multiple charities exist with the same name.

2. You should also decide what kind of beneficiary you want the Biblical Studies Foundation to be:

  • Primary beneficiary: The Biblical Studies Foundation will receive whatever assets you assign to them — for example, a cash gift.
  • Secondary beneficiary: If your primary beneficiary passes away before you, your estate would go to the next beneficiary in line — in this case, your preferred Biblical Studies Foundation.
  • Residuary beneficiary: The Biblical Studies Foundation will receive any assets that you didn’t specifically name a beneficiary for in your will.

3. Let know about your gift. Email us at [email protected] is most grateful that you are considering including us in your will. If you have any questions, email us at [email protected].

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