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And It Came to Pass

Early in the morning toward the last day of the semester
There arose a great multitude smiting the books and wailing
And there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth
For the day of judgment was at hand.

And they were sore afraid for they had left undone
Those things which they ought to have done.
And they had done those things which
They ought not to have done and there was no help for it.

And there were many abiding in the dorm
Who had kept watch over their books by night,
But it availed them naught.

But some were who rose peacefully,
For they had prepared themselves the way
And made straight paths of knowledge.
And these were known as wise burners of the midnight oil.
And to others they were known as “curve-raisers.”

And the multitude arose and ate a hearty breakfast.
And they came unto the appointed place
And their hearts were heavy within them.

And they had come to pass, but some to pass out.
And some of them repented of their riotous living
And bemoaned their fate.
But they had not a prayer.

And at the last hour there came among them
One known as the instructor; And they feared exceedingly.
He passed papers among them and went his way.

And many and varied were the answers that were given,
For some of his teachings had fallen among fertile minds,
While other had fallen flat.

And some they were who wrote for one hour, others for two;
But some turned away sorrowfully, and many of these
Offered up a little bull in hope of pacifying the instructor.

Source unknown

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